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Freestyle Libre Sensors and Readers

  Only original sensors and readers

    from Germany


  Dispatch 2-3 business days after payment


  Terms of sensors: Spring - Summer 2023.

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Why our customers choose Freestyle Libre

No puncture fingers

You do not need to constantly pierce your fingers to measure blood sugar levels.

Continuous monitoring

The system scans your glucose level constantly, even when you sleep.

Ease of use

You do not need to bother with the test strips, interrupt their affairs. Simply bring the reader to the sensor.

Water resistant

The sensor is water resistant to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. With FL sensors you can go to the pool, bathe in the shower, take a bath.

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Freestyle Libre Products

Sensor Freestyle Libre 2

- Almost unnoticeable

- You can even scan through


- Waterproof

46 €

 € 70


Reader Freestyle Libre 2

- More precisely from the first day

   of use

- Customizable alarms

- Does not require calibration

60 €

 € 75


Sensor Freestyle Libre 2

- Easy to install

- Duration of work 14 days

- Bluetooth transmitter

56 €

 € 68


As it was before!

You had to prick your fingers several times a day in order to interrupt your affairs in order to simply get a figure indicating the level of glucose in the blood at the moment. All procedures should be carried out in a sterile environment, which is not always convenient and attracts the attention of others.

How will now!

You painlessly install the sensor for 14 days, and simply bringing the reader to it will receive data at intervals of 15 minutes. In addition, the device will show you whether the blood sugar level is decreasing or increasing, so that you can respond in a timely manner.




How to order a product:

Go to the product catalog

Select the item you need and add it to your cart. Clicking on the basket, select - place your order.

If this is your first time in our store, go through the registration procedure, indicating your username, valid email address and create a password.

Specify the delivery address

In your account you need to fill in the exact delivery address.


Wait until we send you an invoice, formed taking into account the cost of delivery (usually comes a second letter, after a copy of the order).

Pay in the most convenient way for you.

After that, you just have to wait for your package.

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The advantages of our company

In our company you get not only 100% quality service,

but also a flexible discount system




Responsive customer service will guide you through all stages of the order and answer all your questions.

We have more than 1400 completed orders on our account. Great experience in the delivery of goods from Germany

Ordering from us you get 100% original goods from the manufacturer. Not China, not Taiwan.

Shipping and Payment Information


Delivery is carried out from Germany using German mail and postal services of the recipient country.


Customs: Customs duties are paid independently by the client in the country of destination according to the tariffs and conditions of this country.


We work strictly on 100% prepayment.


Payment Methods:

PayPal - is a payment system for instant money transfer from a bank card linked to your account.

Commission - 4.7%.

Bank transfer - an international transfer of funds to a German account. Specify the size of the commission in your bank.


* The fee for the transfer of funds is not included in the price of the order and is paid by the client additionally to the representative of the funds transfer services

How we are working

3. We redeem your order from the manufacturer

We get to our warehouse in Germany (Hamburg). Repacking the package in a strong package

1. Place an order

Fill in the personal data of the delivery: Address, city, zip code, phone number

4. We send a package to you

After sending you will receive the track code of your package for full control over its movement

2. Pay for the goods

Wait for the generated invoice, taking into account the postage. Pay in the most convenient way

Customer FAQs

If questions remain, we are always ready to answer them

email: zakaz@diabetik.biz   Viber, WhatsApp: +7(906)57-57-521 (Messages)

Can I pay for goods upon receipt?

Are you an official representative
of Abbot?

How many sensors can I order?

No, we are a mediator in Germany, i.e. A company that, on your order, buys goods from a seller, gets them to your warehouse in Hamburg and sends these goods to you. This means that starter kits, readers and sensors of the Freestyle Libre are not in our warehouse, but are ordered by us after receiving 100% payment for your order from you. Delivery from the manufacturer to our German warehouse takes 1-2 business days.

We work only on a prepaid basis. Payment can be made in the most convenient way for you. Please note that there is a commission for international money transfer. Because we are in Germany, the currency of settlements with us is the euro. The exchange rate and currency conversion is completely dependent on your bank, please specify this data yourself in the bank.

The cost of goods in one package in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan should not exceed 500 euros per recipient in one calendar month. For other countries, customs limits may vary significantly. For wholesale buyers, we have separate conditions for delivery, our own transport company. Contact us by any of the suggested methods, and our consultants will provide you with more detailed information.

How do I pay for the order?

Why do you have such cheap prices and what other costs expect me?

Why the order can not be sent to the recipient for a long time?

We work according to the scheme of intermediaries without a commission for purchases and we redeem orders only on an advance payment at the price of sellers and immediately send them by mail to you, which allows us not to keep the goods purchased in advance in stock.

Additional costs for you will be:

- international delivery on average 24 € (included in order price)

- commission for money transfer (from 1 to 5.5%).

Before paying for your order, make sure that you receive an invoice for payment (and not just a copy of the order). The invoice differs from the copy of the order in its name and content: the invoice will contain all the necessary details and links to payment instructions.

Be sure to carefully read the short and easy instructions! And the speed of transferring money to the balance for further redemption and sending you an order will depend on your attention

In order for your order to be promptly processed, purchased and shipped, you need to pay for it in time and fill in all address data:

1. First Name and Last Name

2. Country, zip code, full address

3. Mobile phone number

4. Confirm Registration - Email Address





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